Fundraising Tips

Need a great fundraising idea?

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In addition to the general fundraising methods, you can refer to the following creative methods!

In celebration

Celebrating weddings or birthdays by fundraising instead of gifts to send blessings and much-needed support to seriously ill children and their families.

In school or at work

Students and colleagues to contribute to charity, such as holding casual clothes days, charity sales etc. For supporting the daily work of RMHC Hong Kong.

Create your own idea

There are many types of creative fundraisings, such as shaving your hair, organising an online concert, and participating in a marathon. They can all support families of sick children to get help during difficult times.

Have your own idea? Then simply get started and create your personal fundraising page!

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  • Upload a profile image so that people can see who they are supporting.
  • Tell your story, update the blog regularly and share your enthusiasm and passion for helping children with serious illness.

Be the first to sponsor yourself

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Lead the way and sponsor yourself. Once you get things started, your friends and family will be encouraged to follow and make donations to help reach your goal.

Social media is Key

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Social media is the perfect platform to let your friends know about your fundraising. People who use social media raise on average, twice as much as other fundraisers!

Share your fundraising page on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) to maximise your donations.

Send a personal WhatsApp message to your friends explaining your reasons to help needlessly children and ask for their support.