Raphael's 6th Birthday

By Charlie Choy

大家好,我是Raphael。非常感謝大家和我一起慶祝6歲生日,你們的愛和陪伴是我最好的生日禮物。今年我很開心能在麥當勞餐廳慶祝 (因為可以吃很多薯條和飲汽水! 😋)。我還希望將我的生日祝福分享給麥當勞叔叔之家患病的小朋友,希望他們在家人的愛和陪伴下,還有醫護人員的幫忙和鼓勵下,早日康復! 


 Hi everyone, I’m Raphael. Thank you so much for celebrating my 6th birthday with me. Your love and companionship are the best birthday gifts for me. This year, I am thrilled to celebrate at McDonald's restaurant (because I can enjoy plenty of French fries and drink soda! 😋). I also want to share my heartfelt birthday wish with the sick children at the Ronald McDonald House. I hope them to find strength to heal and recover soon with the love and support of their families, as well as the assistance and encouragement of the medical professionals. 

 If you would like to join me in supporting them, may I please ask you to consider donating to Ronald McDonald House and help other children in need. Let's spread our love and support to help them get well soon! Thank you all of you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Thank you to my Supporters


Joey & Chloe Ho

Happy Birthday Raphael ! Stay healthy and happy :)



Dear Raphael, Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your birthday. You have the greatest way and idea to share God's love. Wishing you the happiest of birthday to be filled with love, laughters and hugs. Happy 6th birthday to the super star.


Bella Wan

Happy Birthday Raphael! May your 6th Birthday be filled with happy memories!


Torry Ho


Evan Ho

Happy Birthday, Raphael !! May you be surrounded by love and happiness all year long.


Ema, Sam, Sandy & Pooh

Dear Raphael, May God bless you with good health and a joyful heart. May Jesus increase in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men. Love you!!!!!



Happy birthday Raphael! Thanks for having us at your party. Appreciate your kindness for the fund raising activity for the charity. :)


Miki Ng

Happy 6th Birthday to Raphael :)


Morris Wong

Happy sweet 6th birthday, Raphael! May all your birthday wishes come true. Stay happy and healthy as always!



Six years of pure Hei Hei's joy! Celebrating 6 years of love and laughter. The world is a better place with you in it, happy 6th birthday!


Noel Ho


Dad Dad & Mama

Happy Birthday my boy my boy! Our onion boy! We love you forever!