RMHC'S GOT TALENT 2023 - "Children Helping Children"

By Talentshow2023


⭐RMHC'S Got Talent 小小才藝表演2023🎬* 今年強勢歸來,增加更多精彩項目、聯絡更多各大機構、誠邀更多明星、名人及奧運選手參的參與。



第1段: 全年捐款招募
第3段:紅地氈電影院-首播活動 (12月)

Together we can change the lives of the children in need!

Thanks to your support in last year’s RMHC’s Got Talent 2022, over 100+ children (including low-income families), were able to participate in this event with up to 10 talent show programs and ended with an overwhelming response of more than 5K program viewership on our social media platforms and view across the world. With last year’s success, *⭐RMHC’S Got Talent 2023🎬* returns this year bigger than ever!
The show will continue to be filled with many talent programs, more celebrities, olympian athletes, and programs throughout the year. (In discussion with HK Tourism Board, HK Disneyland, Ocean Park, Commercial Radio: 903, HK Tramway, and much more!)
Instead of YouTube premier broadcast, this year we will screen it in a red-carpet cinema event (with celebrity, VIPS, press& media, and participating children) by the end of the year!

Together we can change the lives of the children in need!

Part1: Year-long donation recruit
Part2: Program shooting
Part3: Red carpet theater screening event (Year-end Dec)