Mighty Oaks Chinese New Year Charity Sale

籌款人: Kimberly kwok

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As a school founded on the 9 fruit of the spirit from the bible, Mighty Oaks firmly believes children are our future. Ronald McDonald House Charities have been working hard since 1996 to lessen children's and their family's pain by making sure they have enough support emotionally, spiritually, physically and especially in terms of accommodation where everyone, especially sick children, deserves a home away from home when they are undergoing intense treatments/ bone marrow transplants that require special attention to detail in terms of hygiene. After visiting The Ronald McDonald House®️, this hit close to our hearts. We see parents supporting each other in hard times, healthy children returning to encourage the children that have daily hospital runs, showing us how effective family-centred care is. The hard time becomes easier with the solid support from the RMHC community where all families are standing together and overcoming the challenges. We hope that through our fundraising efforts, more people will know and support this charity in their own ways. We hope The Ronald McDonald House®️ will be able to help more children in need in the future with their expansion.

Details of the fundraising:

Get your home ready this Chinese New Year with our student-made arts and crafts! Share the joy with your family, friends and neighbours with our assortment of handmade decorations that make your house festive, sparkly and warm. We will also host a Charity Sale of the donated toys, books and stationery from parents, offering many gift ideas and making the gift shopping for the rest of the year a lot easier! What is better than giving and sharing with our seasonal decorations and gifts that will support the families in RMHC Charity?





Thank you to my Supporters


Kimberly Kwok


Scott Dilley