Starting celebrations early!

By Mighty Oaks International Nursery and Kindergarten

Starting celebrations early! I am so thankful for so many thoughtful friends and family who shower me with love.

Many of you have asked what I’d like for my birthday gift this year..and I’d like nothing better than for you to take time to get to know Ronald Mcdonald House Charity (RMHC) and consider supporting them!

RMHC touched my heart when I first heard about it last year. First off, it has nothing to do with Mcdonalds and it's not a charity that gives out free burgers to the needy. It is a charity that focuses on home support for sick children which many studies have proved to be vital to a child's wellbeing. 

In Hong Kong, their Ronald Mcdonald House provides housing, emotional support, seminars and just any support they need really to over 20 families who have very sick children. 

As a mom with a newborn, I cannot imagine having to worry over my sick child and also think about the logistics of going back and forth from the hospital and have to stress about something as small but key to my kid's health like the cleanliness of my home and its common area! RMHC provides all this to families in need at a heavy cost. 

It would mean the world to me if more could benefit from this meaningful charity. So join me in supporting RMHC this year!

Thank you to my Supporters



Happy birthday, Kimberly! Your heart to serve and help others is inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this opportunity to give meaningfully on your birthday.


Grace F Oei

Happy Birthday Kimberly! And much appreciate your support for the children and families at RMHC !🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺



Happy birthday Kim. Please keep this heart to love people like Jesus. You and Andrew are one of the best gifts God has given Lin and I as a friend, and I look forward to watching our sons S and D grow up and be man who know the Lord together with you and Andrew through fellowship and love. May we always supporting our sons through prayers and parenting. Bless this charity and Bless you!


Iris Wong

Happy birthday, Kimberly! Thank you for your gracious and lovely support to the ill children and their families.


Mary Koo


Linda Chan

Happy Birthday, Kim! Your love and generosity will give hope and support to a lot of sick children and their families through RMHC and thank you for sharing this opportunity of giving! May God’s abundant Blessings continue to be with you, Andrew and Samuel!





Happy bday Kim! Praise God for your heart of generosity! I’m sure the children will be very blessed through your kindness.



You are wonderful! Thank you for setting up this !